August 12 2020

A movie of viral mutations dancing on the surface of a giant HIV capsid.
By Erica Tandori

This HIV Capsid data projection project brings multi-sensory science to a whole new level. The sculpture stands at approximately 1.6 metres high and 1.5 metres at its widest point, big enough for a teenager and a cat to climb inside!

Created with cardboard hexagonal shapes and smothered in millions of tiny foam balls, the life-size HIV Capsid sculpture becomes a three-dimensional projection screen displaying computerised viral mutating lifeforms.

Watching the HIV Capsid dance in time to the music brings with it the effect of ‘cortical completion’, where the data movements seemingly dance in time to the driving beat. In rhythmical syncopation, music becomes the dominant sensory channel. During those moments and gestures, identifiable features in sound become ‘attention-grabbing’ and the mesmerising (confusing and unidentifiable) visuals then suddenly synchronise and take form in the brain, creating a whole new sensory realm of visual and aural perceptions.

In the context of Possible Impossibles, our giant 3D Interactive data projecting HIV Capsid has much to offer, but perhaps the obvious one is “the best way to take your virus out on the dance floor!”

Artwork: Erica Tandori, artist-in-residence within the lab of ARC Laureate fellow, Prof. Jamie Rossjohn, in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Advanced Molecular Imaging (Imaging CoE)
Music track: Stuart Favilla

Volum up!