2016 Imaging CoE Summit

Over two-days we will be bringing together the Centre’s many disciplines and facilitating the integration of ideas. The summit provides our interdisciplinary group the opportunity to foster innovation in biomedical imaging, and to celebrate the ongoing work of the Centre.


Monday 7 November – Wednesday 9 November


2 Sands Blvd, Torquay VIC 3228, Australia

Check-in: 2:00pm
Check-out: 10:00am
How to get there: http://www.peppers.com.au/sands/contact-us

Peppers The Sands, Torquay

Monday 7
12pm - 6.30pm Registration
12- 1pm Lunch
2 - 2.30pm Annual General Meeting — the AGM is open to all CoE staff students and postdocs and we encourage your participation.
2.30 - 3pm Afternoon break (no catering)
3 - 3.20pm Conference open
3.20 - 4pm Session 1
Chairs: Daniel Langley, Cyril Reboul

Andrew N. Keller

Till Böcking

4 - 4.30pm Afternoon tea
4.30 - 5.40pm Poster talks: Session 1
Chairs: Jacinta Wubben, Jesse Goyette

Jolie Cullen

Benjamin Gully

Thierry Izoré

Christopher Lupton

Jerome Le Nours

Andrew Martin

Sophie R. Williams

Catarina F. Almeida

Julian P. Vivian

Michael N.T. Souter

Elsa A. Marquez

Kwok S. Wun

Saumitra Saha

Justine K. Corso

Daniel Flynn

Alexander Kozlov

Henry Kirkwood

Philip Nicovich

Philip R. Nicovich

Sapna Devi

Hamish E.G. McWilliam

Yuanqing Ma

Nazanin Ghazanfari

Yui Yamamoto

Viona Yokhana

Jason Tran

Catriona V. Nguyen-Robertson

Jieqiong Lou

Geraldine Ler

Alex de Marco

Paul Conroy

Ruby Law

Jeffrey Mak

6 - 7.30pm Poster: Session 1
Welcome reception
Tuesday 8
8am - 6pm Registration
8.30 - 10.10am Session 2
Chairs: Nicholas Phillips, Leonie Flueckiger

Ilme Schlichting

Jesse Goyette

Ligong Liu

Henry Kirkwood

10.10 - 10.30am Morning tea
10.30am - 12.10pm Session 3
Chairs: Shihan Li, Philip ‘Rusty’ Nicovich

Siew Pang

Nick A. Gherardin

Lakshmi C. Wijeyewickrema

Jacky Suen

Daniel J. Nieves

12.10 - 1.30pm Lunch
1.30 - 3.10pm Session 4
Chairs: Catriona Nguyen-Robertson, Frederic Bonnet

Jeff Errington

Felix A. Deuss

Andrew V. Martin

Bradley Spicer

3.10 - 3.30pm Afternoon tea
3.30 - 4.30pm Session 5
Chairs: Ben Gully, Hamish McWilliam

Darryl Johnson

Scott Mueller

Alexander Kozlov

4.30 - 5.40pm Poster talks: Session 2
Chairs: Jolie Cullen, Nicholas Anthony

Yu Kato

Jessica Rowley

Miguel Shingu-Vazquez

Leonie Fluekiger

Cyril F. Reboul

Janice M.H. Cheng

Frederic Bonnet

Sarah N. Le

Daniel P. Langley

Blake A. Mazzitelli

Max J. Cryle

Christina M. Lucato

Simao Coelho

Jongho Baek

Brian Abbey

Geva Hilzenrat

Richard Berry

John G. Lock

Jan Petersen

Melanie Chabaud

Hui-Fern Koay

Jacinta M. Wubben

Fiona J. Ross

James Lim

Abishek Iyer

Yuhong Jiang

Weijun Xu

Weijun Xu

Charles Bayly-Jones

5.40 - 7pm Poster: Session 2
7 - 8.30pm Free time
8.30 - 10.30pm Conference dinner and poster awards
Wednesday 9
7 - 9am Checkout (hotel guests are able to leave luggage with hotel reception)
9 - 10.20am Session 6

Chairs: Catarina Almeida, Paul Conroy

Richard Garrett

Lauren E. Holz

Leonie Flueckiger

Fiona Cameron (ARC)
Why do we have a midterm review and what does it look like?

10.20 - 11.00am Morning tea
11am - 1pm Presentation skills workshop with Judy Ford
1pm Conference close