PhD Student

Monash University

The Structure-Function Relationship of Annexin A2-S100 Protein Plasminogen Receptors (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:
Dr Ruby H.P. Law
Prof. James Whisstock

Kapil Mcinerney is a PhD student based at the Monash Biomedical Discovery Institute. He finished his Bachelor of Science in 2017, majoring in both physiology and biochemistry. During this time he placed first in 2nd-year physiology and also made the Dean’s list for science.

Kapil then went on to achieve a first-class Bachelor of Science (Honours) in the Stone lab in 2018 for his work on evasins, an experience which motivated him to pursue a PhD. Currently, Kapil is a PhD student in the Whisstock Lab under the supervision of Dr Ruby Law. His research area focusses on investigating the structure-function relationship of integral plasminogen receptors involved in macrophage dependent wound healing. By utilising typical structural biology techniques such as surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and X-Ray crystallography, as well as using human macrophage cell lines, he hopes to elucidate the structure-function relationship of these receptors, such that appropriate treatments can be developed in the future for those suffering from inflammatory disease.

Post PhD, Kapil aims to pursue an M.D in order to utilise both his knowledge in research and medicine to bring help to those who desperately need it, particularly those in his family’s country of origin, Fiji.


Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Research Theme:
Imaging Immune Effectors