Lu Lu

PhD Student

Monash University

Functional and structural characterisation of perforin antibodies (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:

Dr Ruby Law
Prof. James Whisstock

Lu is a graduate of Monash University with BBiomedSc (master) and BEng (chemical). He is now a last year PhD candidate at the James Whisstock lab, at the Monash University Node.

Lu Lu is particularly interested in the field of drug screening and specialises in antibody discovery and engineering. His current project is “Functional and structural characterisation of perforin antibodies”. His skills involve phage display, protein purification, multi-fluorescence flow cytometry, X-ray crystallography and tissue culture handling. He is graduating at the end of 2020 and seeking a career in drug discovery and cancer therapy.

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering | Bachelor of Biomedical Science. (Master)

Research Theme:
Imaging Immune Effectors