PhD Student

Neuroimmune responses in viral infection (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. Scott Mueller

Joon Keit Loi is a student from Malaysia who has been in Melbourne since 2009 and is based at the Peter Doherty Institute. His PhD work involved investigating antiviral and neuroimmune responses, working with mouse models and techniques such as intravital imaging and flow cytometry. His work also involved studying memory cell responses in the cornea following infection.

He has attended a number of conferences over the years and has really enjoyed discussing all things science while meeting many fantastic researchers. Alongside science, Keit is very passionate about working with young adults and students having been involved in teaching and mentoring programs. Since finishing his PhD with Prof. Scott Mueller, he has recently started a postdoctoral position with Prof. Dale Godfrey.

Bachelor of Biomedicine (Honours)

Research Theme:
In Vivo Imaging