Inspiring the next generation of scientists

The Imaging CoE proudly sponsors the 2015 International Students Science Fair.

Bringing together students, teachers and school leaders from all over the world, the International Students Science Fair (ISSF) promotes excellence in science education. Hosted by John Monash Science School at Monash University’s Clayton campus, the five-day event is poised to attract over 200 talented high school science students from a wide range of countries. Taking place on 7-11 December, the event will also welcome 50 inspiring science teachers and 50 eminent school leaders.

The dynamic event programme will include keynote speeches, student presentations of original research, poster sessions, scientific and educator workshops, and field trips to local industry settings, universities and science centres.

As part of our involvement, we are gearing up to hold a half-day lecture and workshop with the aim of introducing these exceptional students to the theoretical basis of imaging technologies. This is primarily being developed by Associate Professor Harry Quiney, Chief Investigator of the Centre, and Dr Eroia Barone-Nugent, Director of the Growing Tall Poppies outreach programme – an initiative for promoting interest in science among school students. Dr Barone-Nugent is planning to share her expertise from this programme with science educators at ISSF to encourage the uptake of similar ideas worldwide.

During the Centre-led session, the students will be given the opportunity to try out key techniques, such as designing optics, analysing imaging data and engaging in pattern recognition. “We view our involvement in the ISSF 2015 as a key outreach activity to share the beauty and power of imaging technologies with the next generation of scientists, with the hope that we will be able to influence a few of these bright young minds to become involved in this field,” says Associate Professor Quiney.

Officially launched in 2005 to facilitate international collaboration in science education, the ISSF provides an interactive hub for participants to share their ideas about science in a modern world. More information about this major worldwide event is available on the ISSF website.