Postdoctoral Research Fellows — Immunity

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

The laboratory: The Rossjohn laboratory is focused on immune recognition and how this relates to protective immunity and disease. The laboratory has explained pre-T-cell receptor (TCR) self-association in T-cell development, and how the TCR specifically recognises polymorphic Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) molecules in the context of viral immunity and aberrant T-cell reactivity. Laboratory members have unearthed mechanisms of HLA polymorphism impacting on drug and food hypersensitivities, as well as Natural Killer cell receptor recognition. The laboratory has pioneered our understanding of lipid-based immunity by the innate Natural Killer T-cells and the role of MAIT cells in recognizing vitamin B metabolites. For more details on the research themes, fellowships awarded and publication outputs see:

The laboratory is also part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Advanced Molecular Imaging: http://localhost/legacy

The role: Professor Jamie Rossjohn, NHMRC Australia Fellow, is seeking highly motivated and talented post-doctoral scientists to join the research group.

The position will be in the field of MHC Class II projects in association with studies into chronic inflammatory diseases such as coeliac disease and autoimmune diseases including RA, MS, Diabetes and Goodpastures syndrome.

The applicant should hold a PhD in Biochemistry, or Molecular Biology or Structural Biology with an interest in Protein Chemistry and Crystallography, with some experience in molecular biology, cell culture (E. coli, insect cells and/or mammalian expression systems), protein biochemistry and crystallography. Candidates with a promising track record in the relevant areas and a proven publication record in international journals are encouraged to apply.

Appointment will be made at a level appropriate to the successful applicant’s qualifications, experience and in accordance with classification standards for each level.

Duration: The position is for 12 months
Location: Clayton Campus
Closing Date: 20 March 2016
Further Information:
Margaret Bills