PhD Student

Contrast enhanced X-ray tomography via energy- resolved photon counting detectors (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:
Prof. Brian Abbey

Viona Yokhana is a PhD student in X-ray imaging at Latrobe University. She achieved her Master degree in Physical Science at Latrobe University in 2016. Her Master project was developing a new approach to increase the sensitivity of X-ray tomography for soft tissue imaging. She achieved a strong H1 grade for her studies in research projects and physics coursework placing her among the top students to graduate in her year group. This achievement award her a Latrobe scholarship to continue as a PhD student.

In her PhD study, Viona is working on developing a new technique for separation of bone from soft tissue and analysing 3D X-ray imaging using an X-ray micro Computed Tomography machine integrated with a new recently developed energy resolving detector. During her PhD study, she has gained further training in computing and image analysis.

In the future, Viona is keen to progress her skills and working in academia or industry.

Bachelor of Science (Physics) |Master of Science in Physics

Research Theme:
Molecular Imaging Using XFEL