Charles Bayly-Jones


PhD Student

Monash University

Structural and functional characterisation of MACPF/CDC proteins in immunity (PhD)

Supervisor? name:

Prof. James Whisstock
A/Prof. Michelle Anne Dunstone

Charles Bayly-Jones is a structural biologist based at the Monash Biomedical Discovery Institute.

Charles achieved his Bachelor of Science as a Dean? Scholar completing majors in both physics and biochemistry from Monash University. He remains passionate about the interdisciplinary overlap of biochemistry, physics and computational sciences. Resultantly, in his research, Charles focuses on integrating these areas to study structure, function and dynamics of pore-forming proteins.

In 2016, he achieved first-class honours within the Dunstone group for his studies on the Membrane Attack Complex of complement. Charles continued to study these heterogeneous immune complexes, further specialising in cryo-electron microscopy and image analysis. By employing high performance computing and specialised software, over the course of his PhD, Charles has encountered and solved several challenging single particle problems. Now, he works collaboratively with members of the community to support their research goals and bioinformatic needs, while completing his final year of PhD studies.

Charles is supported by an Australian Government RTP Stipend (formerly known as the Australian Postgraduate Awards scholarship). Moving forward Charles is eager build upon his skills and eventually forge his own independent research career in either academia or the private sector.

Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program) (Honours)

Research Theme:
Imaging Immune Effectors