PhD Student

Exploring the relationship and distribution of PD-1 with TCR and CD28 in T cells using a super-resolution approach (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. Katharina (Kat) Gaus

Pablo Perez Ferreros is a biologist specialized in biomedicine with major in cancer research and immunology. His work is currently based at Lowy Cancer research centre at the UNSW Node where he has participated as well as a demonstrator improving his leadership and communication skills.

In his PhD project, Pablo uses super-resolution imaging combining dSTORM and Protein Paint to decipher the relationship between the inhibitory receptor PD-1 with its targeted stimulatory receptors TCR and CD28 on T cell signalling. On the brink of becoming a doctor, Pablo would like to apply and translate his expertise and skills into value for industry in the next step of his professional career, helping to communicate and regulate science in a more approachable and understandable way.

Master in Biomedicine

Research Theme:
Molecular Imaging of T Cell Activation