PhD Student

Monash University

Structural and Biochemical Characterisation of Gamma Delta T Cell Receptors (PhD)

Supervisor’s name:
Dr Benjamin Gully
Prof. Jamie Rossjohn

Michael Rice is a structural immunologist at the Monash Biomedical Discovery Institute. Michael achieved his Bachelor of Biomedical Science majoring in immunology from Monash University. In 2016 he achieved first-class honours, investigating the regulation of T Cell Receptor signalling via biochemical and cellular-based imaging techniques, under the guidance of the Tiganis Laboratory.

Michael has continued to research T Cell Receptors and their key role in metabolite based immunity utilising biochemical assays and X-Ray Crystallography to resolve their structures in the Rossjohn Laboratory. Following the completion of the final year of his PhD, he is focussed on developing key skills for a career in academia or industry down the line.


Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours)

Research Theme:
Imaging Metabolite Mediated Immunity