Physics Symposium – 16.1

Following the success of our 2015 program, all members of the Centre for Advanced Molecular Imaging are invited to the first Physics Symposium for 2016.

We are taking the opportunity to assess our progress so far and to look to the future with some wide-ranging review talks of Physics in the Centre, as well as presentations that cover many aspects of the application of physics to biological and biomolecular systems.

The program has been designed to complement biological research in the Centre, including the fields of micro-electron diffraction, emergent phenomena in complex systems, X-ray fluorescence microscopy, microcrystal handling using microfluidic technologies and microcrystal characterization using near-field scanning optical microscopy.

For catering purposes, please register your attendance with Kathy Palmer by 28 June 2016 at either or 03 8344 5124

Tuesday 5 July, 2016
9am – 5pm

School of Physics
The University of Melbourne

Travel expenses for interstate CoE researchers (AIs, students, postdocs, etc.) wishing to attend will be reimbursed through the CoE under the normal group conditions — please check with your respective CIs for approval before booking anything.

The day will run as follows: