November 13 2020

Imaging CoE ISAC member and St Vincent’s Institute (SVI) Director, Prof. Tom Kay, has been awarded the 2020 Australian Diabetes Society (ADS) Kellion Award.

This honour is granted by the Kellion Foundation and the ADS to an Australian who has made an outstanding contribution in diabetes research, clinical or service areas in Australia.

The Award is recognition of the impact made by Tom over many decades on our understanding of type 1 diabetes and on the development of new treatment options for people with the disease.

“Type 1 diabetes is an immune disease, but we still treat it as an end-stage hormone deficiency by replacing insulin, not by addressing the mechanisms. Momentum is building to transform our approach to type 1 diabetes treatment,” says Tom.

“I am honoured to receive this Award that recognises the work of our team at SVI and the importance of team science in making major advances in disease treatment.”

As a recipient of the Award, Tom will deliver the Kellion Plenary Lecture at the ADS Annual Scientific Meeting on the 12th of November.

Courtesy of the St Vincent’s Institute (SVI)