2016 Imaging CoE Summit

Completion of ARC mid-term review

The Imaging CoE had its mid-term review by the Australian Research Council (ARC) on 29 June 2017. An independent, external panel chaired by ARC Executive Director, Social, Behavioural and Economic Sciences, Prof Therese Jefferson spent a full day interviewing a selection of Centre members, including students, postdoctoral researchers, administrative staff, Chief Investigators, Governing Board members and other stakeholders.

The review day went smoothly, and informal feedback from the ARC panel suggested that they were extremely happy with the level of enthusiasm and energy shown particularly by our students and postdoctoral researchers. The ARC will send us formal feedback approximately six weeks after our review date and we will share this with the Centre when it becomes available.

On behalf of the Centre’s leadership team, I would like to thank each and every person who participated in the mid-term review and helped put together all the required documentation over the preceding months. It has been a tremendous group effort and sets our Centre up for the second phase of its operations.