PhD Student

Novel imaging approaches to decipher T cell decision-making

Supervisor’s name:

Prof. Katharina (Kat) Gaus
Dr Jesse Goyette
Dr Peter Reece

Samantha is a biophysicist in the Single Molecule Science group at The University of New South Wales Node. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics from McGill University.

In 2015, she worked together with professors and graduate students as part of the McGill branch of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) ATLAS Collaboration. For her honours thesis under Prof Paul Wiseman, she studied GPCR oligomerisation states. In her current research, she takes a strong interdisciplinary approach characterising and modelling dynamic T cell membrane morphology.

Samantha is supported by the Tuition Fee Scholarship for study towards a PhD in the Faculty of Medicine at UNSW.

Bachelor of Science (Mathematics & Physics)

Research Theme:
Molecular Imaging of T Cell Activation